Whittier Heights

Whittier Heights is an unassuming residential neighborhood, basking quietly in the glow of its bigger sister, Ballard. The streets here are in a straightforward grid pattern, which furthers the notion that it’s a no-frills, no-nonsense place to live. On the outer edges of the neighborhood there are some fun pockets of businesses that offer nice alternatives to the main drag in Ballard.

This small residential section of Ballard is ideal for people who love the vibe of northwest Seattle but want a slightly quieter place to call home.

While some may say Whittier Heights is in the shadow of Ballard, locals know better. Off the main streets filled with brand-name shopping centers, Whittier Heights has some fantastic local stores strewn throughout the back roads. Whittier Heights' mostly flat terrain and un-zoned residential areas make this neighborhood easy to get around with a bike or a car, and as per most of northern Seattle, the public transportation is excellent. You'll find that most of the residents don't mind being outside of Ballard; they're perfectly content with the down to earth vibe of Whittier Heights.

There doesn’t seem to be any dominant group of people who choose Whittier Heights for their home. The number of singles and married couples is almost equal, and only a slightly higher than average percentage of households have children, according to Zillow. The one pattern seems to be that all residents earn a healthy income.

Check out local amenities and neighborhood statistics: http://www.areavibes.com/seattle-wa/whittier+heights/livability/