View Ridge

View Ridge is rather appropriately named. When this neighborhood was planned, careful consideration was placed on preserving the views of Lake Washington that the natural ridge provided. This neighborhood has retained these characteristics throughout the years and is quiet and peaceful today. Houses are set off the street and many have beautiful backyards. Huge pine trees and vast amounts of shrubbery and green-life line the streets and fill the yards. View Ridge is your quintessential perfect Seattle neighborhood. Located east of Wedgewood and running west to Sand Point Way, many of the homes have spectacular views of lake Washington.

This primarily residential area is definitely tranquil and well kept; houses have yards and streets have roundabouts. It’s a great place to be if you aren’t a fan of traffic and other city noise, though you don’t have to go far to run your basic errands; Wedgwood is just down the hill. Plus, if you’re the ‘club’ type of person, Sand Point County Club and View Ridge Swim and Tennis Clubs are both located in this neighborhood.

The median age creeps up to 42 in View Ridge, due to its “Golden Years” population, as puts it. However, there is still a generous population of corporate singles and families with children. The vast majority (80%) of residents own their homes or condos.

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