Located in north Seattle on the edge of Cowen Park, and bounded by the I-5 to the west, Roosevelt is home to many different types from students to professionals. Its main thoroughfares are Roosevelt Way (southbound one-way), and 12th Avenue NE (northbound one-way). The commercial center of the primarily residential Roosevelt is 65th Street and Roosevelt Way. The surrounding blocks have a mix of newer apartments/condos and original homes from the early 1900s. It’s a great neighborhood to enjoy on its own and is centrally located to give you easy access to other parts of the city.

Singles abound in Roosevelt, whether they’re younger student-types or are more established in the professional arena. Many of these rent an apartment or condo closer to the business district. Zillow also identifies “urban power families” as a major portion of the population here; couples who have kids and earn a high salary. The people in Roosevelt are committed to the area’s growth—on the neighborhood association blog, there is a big push for “sensible density” to allow for more job and housing opportunities.

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