Relocating to Seattle

Now that you have made the decision to move to Seattle, choosing the right neighborhood to live in is your next big challenge. While some may choose to rent on a temporary basis until they find the neighborhood of their liking, those who decide to buy before they make the permanent move to Seattle need to have a plan in place before their first visit to their new city.

First off, we need to determine what the right community is for you (and your family). Do you prefer in-city neighborhoods with great walkability? Are you a fan of quieter neighborhoods with less traffic and activity? Does the urban lifestyle of downtown condo living appeal to you?

These questions need to be addressed before you make the trip to Seattle in order to maximize your time here and get results. As a 30 year resident of Seattle with 10 years experience owning a wine distribution company under my belt and 10 years in the real estate business, I am very familiar with just about every neighborhood in the area.  I have a good feel for the local vibe of these neighborhoods, what type of people live there, attributes and amenities that make each neighborhood unique such as restaurants, parks and coffee shops, just to name a few.

Lifestyle Selection

Most people aren’t simply buying a house – they want a home. David’s Buyer Intake Process will help buyers identify the ideal neighborhood and perfect home by assessing the key criteria that are most impactful to his clients. He assesses a myriad of criteria such as affordability, lifestyle, school, parks, transportation and commuting requirements.

I know that many people will make neighborhood decisions based on local schools. If school districts are important to you, take a look at my resources page for Seattle schools.

If your house hunting trip is being paid for by your new employer, or if you are making a special trip to Seattle to research homes, chances are that you’ll only have about 3-4 days to tour prospective homes, so we’ll schedule as many home tours as possible. If you decide to extend your visit, we can view homes at a more leisurely pace, allowing you get an even better feel for each neighborhood.