Named after Ravenna, Italy, this northeastern Seattle neighborhood is nestled just north of the busy University district. With its tree-lined winding roads, Ravenna is a charming community with a number of schools, parks, and little clusters of businesses. Stretching over 50 acres, the combined Ravenna-Cowen park system features extensive bike trails, and beautiful, towering trees. Ravenna Boulevard meanders from Green Lake, past the University District, and on to the east toward Lake Washington.

This is a remarkably quiet neighborhood, considering how close it is to the hubbub of the U-District and Greenlake. A small stretch of 65th Street near 20th Ave NE provides just enough activity to entertain the residents and draw in a few outsiders for a visit. Ravenna is also proud to call the University Village—aka “U-Village” shopping center part of its family; it’s one of the biggest attractions of the area, not to mention of the city in general.

Ravenna Boulevard is sometimes referred to as ‘Professors Row,’ which is a small indication as to the types of people who reside here. With its proximity to the University of Washington, it makes sense that faculty and staff—and a fair amount of students—would settle here. Compared with Seattle as a whole, this neighborhood has more homes with children (22% compared to 18%), and 55% of residents own their homes; the rest are renters.

Check out local amenities and neighborhood statistics: http://www.areavibes.com/seattle-wa/ravenna/livability/