Northgate is an informal district of neighborhoods in northeast Seattle named for and surrounding Northgate Mall, the first covered mall in the United States. Northgate neighborhoods are Maple Leaf, College Park, Pinehurst and Haller Lake.

The region around the mall obviously sees the most action, and with the addition of the new condo complex and movie theaters, the area has even more appeal to potential residents. Maple Leaf has a tight-knit community kind of feel, while North College Park is a little more laid back, what with all the students and all. Haller Lake sees its fair share of activity, especially along its border at Aurora Avenue. Pinehurst is probably the quietest of them all, particularly on the north end.

Many have taken advantage of the affordability of the housing in the Northgate neighborhoods. Closest to the mall and college, the number of single up-and-comers is high, and in general, the farther out you go, the more “established” the residents seem to be, with more people owning their homes and more households with kids.

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