Mount Baker

If you’ve ever traveled west on the I-90 bridge heading into the city of Seattle, you’ve probably noticed some impressive homes and waterfront parks ahead of you before you enter the tunnel. This is the Mount Baker neighborhood, located in southeast Seattle along the shores of Lake Washington.

Though it is still one of the fancier residential neighborhoods, Mount Baker has lost much of its elite attitude. People flock here during the summer to watch the SeaFair hydroplane races and to visit nearby Columbia City and Seward Park.

The atmosphere around here is pretty quiet, especially on the Lake Washington side; you’d never guess you were in the middle of a huge city. Farther west, along Rainier Avenue, things are a bit busier, with block after block of businesses. With the recent addition of the light rail station, people can more easily commute in and out of downtown.

Much like nearby Columbia City, Mount Baker is rife with families. People in their 30s and 40s account for almost 40% of the population, and there are relatively few residents in their twenties. Zillow also identifies “multi-lingual urbanites” as another major group that chooses to live here as well as “corporate climbers” (high-income, high-expense singles).

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