Matthews Beach

Matthews Beach is a neighborhood within a neighborhood. At the southern end of Lake City, this residential area is home to one of North Seattle’s most popular lakeside hangouts as well as some pretty swanky houses.

You can tell that the people who live here have a respect for nature. Houses are tucked into the shade of giant old evergreen trees and the Burke-Gilman is woodsier than in other parts of the city. Just south of the beach, the natural habitat has been restored to be friendlier to native plants and animals. And while the residential area is a bit secluded, it isn’t far to Lake City Way or Northgate where more of the action lies.

This neighborhood’s namesake freshwater beach is the largest of its kind in Seattle. Matthews Beach is a relatively spacious residential neighborhood and most houses have large front or back yards. Like a lot of Seattle neighborhood’s well removed from Downtown, sidewalks are practically non-existent. There are a few apartments but the vast majority of the housing comes in small to medium-sized homes. Houses on the water are a bit more large and luxurious.

There are some interesting demographics here. First of all, there are no condos. That’s right, zero percent of the housing options are condos, says Zillow. And 82% of residents own their house. Not only that, but the three “main categories” of people who live here are 1) Urban Power Families – high income with kids, 2) Scrappy Homeowners – low-income singles, and 3) High $$ DINKS – high-income couples with no kids.

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