Maple Leaf

Located in northern Seattle, Maple Leaf is perfect for those looking to buy a home and settle down. Featuring a number of schools, kid-friendly parks, and down-home businesses, Maple Leaf is a warm and inviting community. Generally speaking, Maple Leaf is located NE of Greenlake, south of Northgate, and lies east of I-5. While visiting, you will undoubtedly notice the giant blue water tower adorned with maple leaves, but you may miss the flock of feral parrots that hang around, so keep an eye out. Neither zany nor dull, Maple Leaf has a relaxed and graceful quality, and is quite simply a nice place to live.

Walking or driving through the neighborhood, you definitely get the feeling that this is a true community. “Welcome to Maple Leaf” signs adorn telephone poles, people are out walking with their babies or dogs, and when you go in a local business you are greeted with genuine enthusiasm.

Maple Leaf is a family’s paradise. According to, 44% of the population is married and 20% of households have children. The residences are mainly houses, but there are areas with larger condo or apartment buildings that are a bigger draw for the single crowd. People tend to own their place as opposed to renting. The age distribution forms a nice bell curve, which shows just how well-rounded this neighborhood is.

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