Madison Valley

Located south of Madison Park and north of Madrona, this neighborhood is home to an eclectic community with a wide array of housing, several grocery stores, unique cafes, and an ample supply of high quality restaurants. Public amenities have improved a great deal in recent years, with various small parks and schools catering to the community. Residents organize various activities which bring the community closer, from BBQs to block parties to theater in the park. Bring a towel and stay awhile.

With a growing business district along Madison Avenue, the area is attract

Madison Valley is full of up-and-comers who earn a moderate to high income. Residents enjoy a lower-than-average commute time, probably because many of them work in the nearby downtown business center. Singles make up about half of the population, and about 17% of homes have children, according to Zillow. Older homes dating back to the early 1900s fill the true residential part, and newer condos and apartments are located near the busier streets.

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