Madison Park

With incredible views of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington, Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood is one of the city’s most sought-after residential enclaves. Add to the views locally owned cafes, pubs, coffee and ice-cream shops, boutiques, and salons, and it’s also one of the most pleasant neighborhoods to visit.

Madison Park is named after a 24-acre lakeside haven that draws Seattleites all summer to its grassy shore for sunbathing, swimming and concerts. Tennis courts and a floating platform with diving boards give beach-goers a chance to show off their skills, and a futuristic-looking playground keeps the kids entertained for hours. A charming, upscale commercial area along Madison Avenue, just a short walk from the park, serves those who visit year-round.

The 230-acre Washington Park Arboretum also sits on the shore of Lake Washington in Madison Park and is considered one of the country’s finest public gardens. The botanic garden features plants from around the Pacific Ocean region, and there’s also a formal Japanese garden.

It’s hard not to feel a little fancier when you’re hanging out in Madison Park. The houses are beautiful, the shops and restaurants are classy and unique, and it’s far enough away from the city to make it seem like you’ve really gotten away on vacation. It’s also clear that the community is a supportive one; there are always events going on to honor local artists or give a nod to new businesses that have set up shop.

Madison Park is a highly affluent neighborhood; those who live here earn an impressive salary and are living a trendy lifestyle. Zillow identifies the three major types of people here as Power (aka high-income) Singles, High $$ DINK (dual income-no kids) couples, and those in Golden Years, retired folks who own their own homes. A steady amount of growth in the past few decades has kept attracting new and diverse groups.

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