Lake City

Seattle’s northeast corner, an area known as Lake City, is divided into several smaller neighborhoods—Victory Heights, Meadowbrook, Matthews Beach, Cedar Park, and Olympic Hills.

There’s something for everyone in Lake City. The area’s main thoroughfare, Lake City Way, bisects the neighborhood and is the best place to go if you want a bustling atmosphere. Newly constructed condos and businesses mingle with the retro establishments from years gone by. Farther out, the feel is more residential and quiet. Even though it is one of the most populous and spread out neighborhoods in the city, the community is close and knows how to work together to solve issues.

This is a neighborhood that’s attractive to many different types of people. Corporate climbers and working professionals have an easy commute either down south to the city center, or to the north to places like Shoreline and Everett. Property taxes tend to be lower in this area of the city, so it’s an ideal place to buy one’s first home or condo. And with its quiet and safe atmosphere, many households have children and many people choose to spend their ‘golden years’ within the borders of Lake City.