The Junction

“The Junction” is where two old streetcar lines once crossed, and is home to a Main Street shopping district that is packed with restaurants and small specialty stores that are destination shops for the rest of the city. Surrounded by single family homes and a fast-growing number of condos, the Junction is one of West Seattle’s liveliest neighborhoods, located right in the heart of West Seattle.

Dubbed “the Junction” by local residents, this small, busy district centers on the intersection of California Avenue SW, and SW Alaska Street. Technically there is a neighborhood to the west called Genessee, though it overlaps and many residents will simply say they live in “The Junction.” There are many housing options in the Junction, from apartment complexes to condos to townhouses to single family homes. Because of this, there is a wide variety of people who live here. Singles, couples, and people with children all call the Junction their home. The age distribution is similarly balanced; you’re just as likely to find a seven year old as a seventy year old, according to Zillow.

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