Haller Lake

Today it stands squeezed between Aurora Avenue N and the Interstate 5 freeway, and runs northward from N 110th Street to the current city limits at N 145th Street. Despite Haller Lake having been annexed to the city of Seattle in 1950, it still lacks infrastructure that many residents who live closer to Downtown don't even know you can do without. Sidewalks are a rarity, and the lake the neighborhood takes its name from often fills with rain runoff and floods basements in the houses surrounding it. However, the residents of Haller Lake are quick to point out its finer qualities. Large yards and a slower pace of life create happy residents, and easy access to I-5 and Aurora Avenue makes getting to central Seattle a snap. This is an incredibly peaceful neighborhood and its lake is an excellent spot for recreation and relaxation.

Check out local amenities and neighborhood statistics: http://www.areavibes.com/seattle-wa/haller+lake/livability/