Something of a sleeper community, Greenwood is one of Seattle's most up-and-coming districts. While it has a substantial residential section, it also boasts art galleries, cafes, and antique shops that are perfect for an afternoon's browse. The narrow streets are quiet, but they serve as a refuge from Seattle proper, which is about 15 minutes away by car. Greenwood is the perfect spot to take an aimless stroll around—you’re almost guaranteed to find something to love her. The area around 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue is booming with coffeehouses, antique stores, bars, and eateries. The community hosts many events that appeal to families and urbanites alike. Things tend to quiet down at night, which makes this the perfect place to live if you like to be on the move during the day and a homebody when the sun goes down.

The population is very balanced in Greenwood, according to Zillow. There are just as many married folks as single, about as many renters as owners, and the amount of households containing children, at 17.8%, is about the same as the citywide average. The modest houses and condos are perfect for those just buying their first place or who want to rent a home in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

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