This blossoming neighborhood in south Seattle is attracting people who want to live close to downtown but might not have the financial means to live in certain other areas. With its quirky culture and fun hangouts, Georgetown is really making a name for itself. Located 5 miles south of downtown Seattle, Georgetown is Seattle's oldest residential neighborhood.

The neighborhood has long been industrialized and not very resident-friendly, but starting in the 1970s, that has slowly changed. Artists moved in to take advantage of cheap loft spaces, old brick buildings have been turned into cool living quarters, and a delightful little business district has developed.

One’s initial reaction when driving into Georgetown might be, “Where the *bleep* am I?” But then you start to notice things: amidst the sprawling warehouses, an oasis of humanity. Around the area of Airport Way and Corson Avenue begins a strip of businesses that are as funky as they are hidden. To the south and west lies the residential area, containing modest homes and apartment buildings. Many community events, such as a garden walk, the monthly Art Attack, Artopia, and a community garage sale, show that despite outward appearances, the people here make up a welcoming and caring group.

There is quite a nice age distribution in this neighborhood. While there are lots of residents in their 20s and 30s, 14% of households have children, and about 12% of the population is age 60 or above. According to Zillow, the two main categories of people who live here are “multi-lingual urbanites” and “aspiring urbanites,” so you’ll find a diverse population with a moderate to upscale income. Most folks rent their home or condo.

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