Selling Your Home

Selling your most important asset is no small decision, especially as we live in one of the most in-demand and complicated real estate markets in the country. The home selling process does include a fair amount uncertainty and often, a great deal of urgency, but with careful planning, attention to detail and consistent follow through, I can help you attain the highest price and most favorable terms when it comes to the sale of your most important asset. I’ll be available throughout your transaction to answer any questions that arise via telephone, email or text.

Home Selling Process:

Provide a comprehensive market evaluation of your property.

I will present relevant and comparable properties in your location that have recently sold or are currently on the market. Often, I’ll suggest that you go see some of these properties, especially your competition. The more informed you are about the market, the better.

Determine the best listing and selling price.

I will help determine the fair market value range and discuss various listing price strategies with you based on the Competitive Market Analysis discussed above.

Prepare your property for marketing.

My job is to provide an objective overview of how to make your property show its best. While it’s hard to take the emotions out of this, once you decide to sell your house, it evolves from a “your home” to a “marketing product.” We have to make your “product” appeal to a wide spectrum of qualified home buyers so we can generate the interest that brings the highest sales price.

During this period, I will be in regular communication with you so you are kept up to date on all showings of your property and all market feedback that I obtain.

Evaluate and negotiate offers on your behalf.

Because an offer consists of a combination of price and terms, every offer must be considered individually. I will help you decide whether to accept, reject or counter any offer(s) received. We will also make sure that the buyer is qualified financially and is prepared to go through with the purchase. Again, we are very careful and dogged about obtaining information. We will vet not only the buyer’s agent but also their mortgage broker on the prospective purchaser’s financial and personal capabilities. We want successful sales, the first time around.

Coordinate all inspections, appraisals, and escrow details.

I can handle all of the details for you and keep you informed throughout. Many buyers will want to have the property inspected by one or more of the following: home inspectors, pest control inspectors, structural engineers or architects. In addition, the lender will send an appraiser to view and measure the property for appraisal purposes. I will schedule these appointments with all parties and be present during the inspections.