Broadmoor is a gated community on the east side of Capitol Hill bordered on three sides by the Washington Park Arboretum, which only adds to its secluded and private atmosphere, plus it is home to the Broadmoor Golf Club.

The atmosphere here is a lot like you would imagine from a gated community; incredible houses (of which, according to Zillow, none are less than 1800 square feet), immaculate landscaping, and quiet, weaving streets. One of the charms of the neighborhood is the variety of house styles; there are no two that are alike, which is different from some other residential communities.

This is one of the only neighborhoods in Seattle where those over the age of 70 make up the most populous age group. Over half of the residents are married, and about 16% of households have children. Zillow also identifies “power singles”—working professionals who earn a handsome salary—as another major type of people who live here.

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