Seattle's Belltown neighborhood, located just north of the city center, has some of the best food, spirits and shopping the city has to offer.

Belltown is bordered to the south by downtown and the north by the Queen Anne neighborhood. The waters of Elliot Bay border Belltown's west side, and to the east is the Denny Regrade. The Denny Regrade is the reason Belltown lacks the hills that dominate the rest of Seattle. Between the years of 1897 and 1930, the large Denny Hill was removed during a massive construction project, creating the flat blocks of today's Belltown.

Belltown is a relatively small neighborhood by Seattle standards, taking up only about a square mile, but it is rich in culture and activities. Some of the city’s oldest restaurants are in Belltown, including clubs where the now famous Grunge bands of the region were discovered. New restaurants open on a regular basis in Belltown, and within a few blocks you can find great sushi, a grade-A steak and homemade pasta. Can't decide what you want to eat? Many companies offer food tours of the neighborhood, giving you a variety of samples from world-class restaurants.

Beginning with happy hour and ending at closing time, Belltown is well known for its nightlife. Nearly every restaurant in the neighborhood offers drink and food specials in the evening hours, and patrons are known to stay well after the sun has gone down. Whether dancing to a DJ or scoping out the local talent at an open mic night, Belltown is home to many bars and clubs, suitable for every type and taste. Parking can be a bit tricky in this neighborhood, so be sure to be on the lookout for any restrictions or signs along the street. Or, just play it safe and shell out $10 dollars or so for a parking spot in one of the many lots.

Belltown has the second highest Walk Score in the city at 97 out of 100. What this means is: sell your car. You won’t be needing it. Everything you could conceivably ask for is available within the borders of this small neighborhood.

As you would expect, this place is full of 20-40 year olds (50% of the population falls in that age range, according to Zillow) and only 3% of households have children. The people who live here are addicted to the city life and will pay any price to be right in the midst of the action. Over 70% of residents are renters living in an apartment or condo; there are actually no single-family homes here.

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