Beacon Hill

Located in southeast Seattle and just off the I-5 to the west, Beacon Hill is a small neighborhood bordering the Seattle core. With an elevation of over 300 feet, Beacon Hill has beautiful views of downtown and Elliot Bay, and features a diverse range of shops, restaurants, parks, and cafes. The crown of the hill is distinguished by the 16-story Pacific Medical Center, formerly a veteran’s hospital and the old corporate headquarters of Amazon.

Depending upon where you are on Beacon Hill, you’ll get a different feel for the neighborhood. The busiest section is on the north end, especially where Beacon Hill meets the Rainier Valley. Up at the top of the hill, things settle down into a nice residential area with a small business district. The farther south you go, the more secluded and quiet things get.

Being such a large neighborhood, it’s hard to put a finger on just who lives here; there’s really a little bit of everyone. According to Zillow, the three main types of people who live here are “Foreign-born urbanites,” “Stable nuclears” and “Wise old urbanites.” You’ll find a high percentage of homes with children, and a very balanced age spread—no age group dominates.

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