One of the most pleasant surprises in Seattle is the neighborhood of Alki. It's located west of North Admiral except for a sliver that runs along the coast around the northern point of West Seattle. Alki is an exceptional beach community, complete with California-like activity along the waterfront, its 2.5 miles of sunny shoreline is reminiscent of the California beach scene, where bikini-clad swimmers take advantage of above-optimum summer temperatures. Many businesses, featuring open air lounging, are located along the strip from Alki Point running northeast along Alki Avenue. Beach scene aside, the spectacular horizon of the Olympic Mountains rising over the waters of Puget Sound and the Kitsap Peninsula make it hard to forget that this is really the Northwest.

Alki boasts some of the nicest waterfront property and beach leisure in all Seattle. Catering to those craving the southern California beach scene, Alki is a popular tourist destination for Seattleites, and one may frequently find them biking, rollerblading, and walking along the nearly 2.5 mile stretch of “boardwalk”. With an abundance of parks, midcentury bungalows, the requisite lighthouse, and a small but idyllic downtown, this community is a welcome relief from city living. As with the rest of West Seattle, Alki has a relaxed feeling, and you can tell the residents are ultra-proud of their neighborhood. Visitors covet the beachfront condos and the place is packed during the summer for beach volleyball tournaments and picnics. In the off-season, locals claim their neighborhood once again.

One can assume that the residents of Alki are drawn to an upscale lifestyle, but still want to be in a really cool place, even if it means tourists and traffic. About half of the people here are married, but not all of them have children. According to Zillow, the age distribution shows that those in their 30s and 40s make up the most of the population, but there is also a healthy portion of those under 70 and under 10.

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