The Admiral (North Admiral) neighborhood lies on the northern bluff of the West Seattle peninsula and is the oldest neighborhood in the West Seattle area. The Admiral neighborhood is a mile and a half of inviting, family friendly streets filled with grocery stores, restaurants, chic boutiques, and specialty shops. The neighborhood centers around the maritime themed Admiral Theater, located on California Avenue. The Theater, created by the architect who designed the Hollywood Pantages, is on the National Registrar of Historic Places, and remains the most beloved landmark in this historic neighborhood. North Admiral is also home to a number of gorgeous parks, including Hamilton Viewpoint Park, from which you can admire both Elliot Bay and the Seattle skyline. The houses in North Admiral district of West Seattle tend to be older and well-preserved or renovated. Tudors, Craftsman style, Dutch Colonials and Victorians outnumber the contemporary styles that have been strategically built on the edge of the bluff for maximum vistas.

The demographics here are much like those of the Alki neighborhood: lots of couples, residents who hold advanced degrees and have an above-average income, and a good number of children. The main differences are that there are more single-family homes and more people own instead of rent. If you spend a day hanging out in the neighborhood, you’re sure to find friendly, laid-back folks who know there is something special about where they live.

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